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Society Of Junior Imagineers
Who we are.


Who we are.
How to Join
SOJI Planning
Project 1
Project 2

Ok, here goes...

We started back at the begining of September, 2001. I came up with the Idea of forming a group of aspiring imagineers together to work on projects for fun. Disjosh and WDW-Imagineer have become my managers and help me out with stuff (such a big vocabulary I have.)

So, thats a little history on us, here is how we operate.

Basically, we divide into three teams: Creative Development/Concept Art, Designing and Engineering, and Transportation/Traffic Flow.

The different teams are located on the message board and is used for us to post ideas and thoughts on our current progress. We normally try to follow a plan for attacking each project

I Chose plan
II Chose lands or sections
III Design attractions for each land
IV Final touch ups on plan

We will post lots of art, lots of pictures and lots of heated debates during the course of that outline, and after the toil and yelling, we come up with a finished product which we will attempt to model. (Though I'm not sure how we would do this yet, bare with me, we just started.)

So, thats how we work!