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Changing Skies


pavillion layouts

Weird One:

Here are some of my ideas...

NAME - World Of Weather, Shifting Skies (Great Idea), The Storm, The Savage Storms

RIDES - StormRider (<---Must Have), The Destruction Of The Tornado, The Storms Of The Centuries

StormRider is a simulator. The best in the world. This could be an updated version of the TDS one.

The Destruction Of The Tornado is a walkthrough exibit that talks about tornados. The whole walkthrough looks like it was hit by a tornado.

The Storms Of The Centuries is a CoP type ride. It is the only innovative ride EPCOT lacks. It goes through various scenes showing the most violent storms of the centuries in the past. The story is about a boy and girl caught in a hurricane and a character (suggestions) tells them some history. And it turns out all fine in the end.

RESTAURANTS - The Eye Of The Hurricane (Sit-Down), Ice-Sleet (Can You Guess?), Eatquake (Think Fast-Food Type)

SHOPS - The Storm Shop, Thunder Gifts

LOCATION - Between The Living Seas And The Land In A Tide Pool that rises and falls every 5 minutes.

Ok, how does this sound. Thanks! The WeirdOne


I like the Weatherific Name! It's got an oldie "Walt" Sound to it..
The charecter's name still need work, Why not shorten it too "Ray", the perky intern and "Proffeser Sirrius" (Sirrius is a type of cloud, I believe) the inventor of the weather machine? But yes, this ride would be a great family attraction

StormRiders/Chaser-Story/plot/ride system still needs to be thought out, but do you see what I mean about all the Film based, toss you around rides? WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER! PLus, Soarin' will probably get added to a country...Oy, too much.

The walk through would be a great combinations of the two ideas! We could have a whole seection dedicated to the Weather disasters, and and area in the middle of the tour where you can stop and play around at the exhibits..

Film-->Wakthrough, museum-like exhibits--> interactive area--More Exhibits--> Wrap-up of some sort

The tide pools...It's a cool idea, But sounds like it would fit "The Living Seas" More...For the outside..I'm not sure...All the buildings have a very specific geometric shape they work off of, Imagination=Pyramid, Test Track=Cylinder, Wonders of Life=Dome, Spcaeship Earth=Sphere, Energy=Pentegon, I believe...Etc... So, I think we should pick a shape, and build off of it...I am seeing this...

Have you ever seen sand blown and shaped by the wind? It makes these bueatiful sculptures...I am seeing something like this..Something that gives the impression of Wind and Clouds, they represent change, and weather is always changing. But water is a must..I'm just not sold on the tide pool...Something Else I was thinking is make it like a futuristic Mobile, Have panels constantly spining and movign on the building...Way too hard to describe..

After a lengthy Debate, with minimal Name Calling: The Storm Rider Idea from DisneyLand Tokyo, transcripted by Weirdone

StormRider - Part 1 (Queue And Preshow)...

You go up a diagonal ramp and enter the long and winding queue. Once you enter the building you look up to see a HUGE model of your airplane below a glass dome ceiling. You move ahead and enter the pre-show area. They line you up in your rows and infront of you is a cat-walk. A cast member appears and a huge eye of the hurricane appears in a huge clear pipe (water model). The CM descirbes your journey and what you mission is. They show a model F.U.S.E. missile go into the huge clear pipe with the hurricane inside. You see an explosion and the thing dissolves with a BANG and the pipe full of water is still. F.U.S.E. is a missile that destorys the hurricane after only exploding. The CM warns that thhe hurricane is apporachging and you need to board. You go into the cabin of the plane which has tons of pipes, panels, and wiring everywhere. You sit down and buckel your seatbelt and...

StormRider - Part 2 (The Ride)...

Ok, now that you have buckled your seatbelts and fastened all loose materials, the screen in front of you opens vertically revealing you taking off and barely hitting a flight worker as you fly out and over the ocean. It is a bright day. Captain Scott prepares for Huricane Penetration Route. He flies over the high tech boats and approaching the sea you see dolphins and right behind them is the target. A level 5 hurricane. StormRider 1 (you are StormRider 2) enter the storm first. You fly directly into the storm. Those police type lights light up and you hear, "WARNING WARNING, Hurricane Approaching Fast." Your compartmement goes dark with only the red police type lights spinning. You rise up into the center of the storm. Something then goes terribly wrong. StormRider one gets hit by lightning and you hear a mayday over the radio as you see it fall off in smoke. Mission Control tells you to abort, but your captain turns off the radio and continues. Entering the storm closer, they discharge the F.U.S.E. It gets hit by lightning and the winds are blowing it straight at you. The captain turns, but to no avail the F.U.S.E stirkes and enters your cabin. It is stuck. The countdown is going down. 10,9,8,7,6,5, and then at 4 the captain dislodges it. As it flys out it explodes, but too close to your StormRider. Piping breaks, water begins spraying, fire bursts onto some of the wiring. Wind and shaking happens. The pipes break. Paneling falls off its hinges (Here is a pic of one panel falling The seats begin shaking violently. Rain begins to fly into your StormRider from the fallen panels. Your StormRider franticly flys through the storm. Finally the storm dies and we are left limping back to base. And then something goes horribly wrong. Our engines give out and we fall stright into the ocean. The cabing fills with water (I am not kidding water enters the cabin like ti really hit the ocean.) Piping explodes (go here for
, but the captian doesn't loose his cool and a huge raft explodes out the sides causing us the float up. Sparks are flying everywhere and the cabin is a mess. The captian says "Did you all enjoy that?!" and the screen closes. The doors open and the sparks stop. Water is dripping everywhere and the passengers are slightly wet. They exit as the cabin quickly resets for the next batch of recruits. So, now tell me that motion simulator is still a rotating box, CHAD! The WeirdOne

Chad's StormChaser idea...

In a corner of the Shifting Skies Facility, a small, penny stock corporation has based their operations.

"Thunder Thrills Inc. : Forerunners in Adrenaline Pumping Action! SkyDiving is for Wimps, Swimming with sharks is for LOSERS, you haven't lived till you've CHASED the storm!"

The line first takes you through a hall with different offices. The entire place seems a little...Disorganized.. Papers are strewn about on desks, phones ring off the hook, seems like the are trying to run their buisness a bit *TO* Effeciently. The Next Queue room is the Company's break room, it winds through tables with half eaten sandwhiches, computer reports which read things like




with graphs and such underneath the read outs. Windows would cover the wall of the break room, and outside, simulating storm conditions will be seen outside.

Anways, you'd finally arrive to the "Ready Rooms" A big banner would hang over head,
"Grand Opening"
You'd head into the pre-show rooms, and on the screen would be two people typing on computers, while another two argue in the back...

1st Man: "I don't CARE if we can't track the storm, we NEED the business, this is the only storm we've had all SEASON, the creditors are breathing down my neck!"

Nerdy Man: But..sir! The cars have only be tested in a simulation..we don't know how the controls will respond in that type of interferance!

1st Man: Then we'll just collect on the insurance then, won't we?....pause.....Look, the guests will be in the room in 10seconds, I'm not giving them a bad report! Fix it. Or don't come back tommorow.

...nerdy man walks off...and a countdown begins in the left hand corner of the screen


1st man: Welcome! To your first, and OUR first Storm Chase!
Thunder Thrills Inc. is Proud to present our prototype ST-1, the most advanced vehicle on earth! Equiped with Radar, Sonar, Weather tracking devices, computer steering, and OnStar!

...nerdy man re-enters..

1st man: "Quiet their listening." he says, nudging him..."With our new vehicle we are going to take you as CLOSE as ANY civilian has gotten to a real Hurricane...well, closer then anyone SAFETLY has gotten before....My associate will fill you in, and then you'll be off! For the ride of your life!

Nerdy man: "But sir! sir!!.." he wipes his forehead, looks back to the camera and fakes a smile.."Um..OK, lets see..the Hurricane is about here.." he says, pointing to some screens,"See, hurricanes are a group of strong storms circulating around a central point..We've been trying to track it, and we have it narrowed down to a few paths, so we should be able keep you away from the extremely strong parts, so you can view the beauty of the storm..But we're not quite..

1st man again: YOUR JOB!

Nerdy man: I mean, I have every confidence that we'll be able to steer you through...We have a few rules..No smoking or eating..not that it would be possible in these conditions..No flash photography either..We should be ready to go in a few minutes, beyond those doors is the loading area...Good luck.."

--the screen goes blank and the doors open--

Loading Area:

This is pretty standard, Equipment will surround the room, weather devices, etc. A door is at the end which swings open as you leave...The vehicle, an EMV.

As soon as the door opens, you are hit with the storm, Wind blows, rain mists, (We don't want them soaked..) and you are immedietly on a two-laned 'country road' trees line the road, which shake and blow..You head fowards a bit, and the car pauses. A fake building will LITERALLY roll past you before stopping, Here you will also catch glimpse of the tornado, billowing over some trees...

Nerdy Man: It seems like the hurricane has spawned tornados! I'm bringing you back .....

1st man: No! We'll just take them on a different route!

Your car would veer off to the right (the house would roll back and reset itself for the next guests) and into some dense trees, suddenly some start falling in your path, the car would quickly veer away from each tree. You'd head up a hill (ramp) and slow down, suddenly, the electric poles along side the street would lurch foward, and fall, you would zoom under them, sparks flying,until you reach the third one, which seems like it will fall right ontop of you, but it would stop right before hitting you.

Nerdy man: Uh, the map shows some sort of factory up ahead, we should be able to keep you there till the storm passes over...

You'd pull up, and see a maze work of pipes and cylinders, and a sign, that reads:

QuickLite Propane Storage Faciluty

Your car would drive through the propane, wind blowing would cause pipes to strain against each other, and leaks would appear with loud hisses as you drive through them, as you approach the actual 'Building' your car would pause, but suddenly, lightining would strike a pipe, and cause a small explosion, your car would start to drive off fast, and behind you, a HUGE explosion would occur, extending to pipes that lead to the building, explosions going on around you, WEE! lots of fun! So then you go into the building, which creaks and strains under the wind, you'd keep driving until you reach a dead end in the building, just a solid wall..

Nerdy Man: Well, you should be safe here, after the storm blows over we'll send a retriva....(he stops as static takes over)

The walls would REALLY start shaking now, and you would here the loud train-like billowing of a tornado (those who have been in one know what I mean), Suddenly, that wall infront of you would fly off, exposing the huge tornado infront of you! Using the same technology as Twister at universal. Your car tires would squell, trying to pull you back as your car lurches foward, the front of the car lifting up, and slowly inching towards the cyclone..As it moves foward, it would also drive onto a "lift" of sorts, that would slowly lift you up, higher and higher until finally, it dissolves, and you drop a good 5-10 feet, and are free to driuve back to the base..

Nerdy man: Geez! Thhe tornado dissapated JUST in time! a few more seconds and you would have reached the center, and well, I wouldn't be talking to you right now! Great jo..
(the microphone is pulled away)
First Man: Yes, yes, splendid job, Of course, be sure to tell ALL your friends about your ride here at Thunder Thrills, and be sure to come back again!
You'd unload, and, well. leave to the gift shop

The drop..The endind is basically this..

For those of you who DON'T know what a tornado is, it's a column of spinning wind...It's sorta like God sticks his vacuum hose the ground and sucks stuff up..They normally don't last long, up to like 10 minutes I think is a LONG one, And while the StormChaser's Tour is touring a HURRICANE, hurricane VERY often spawn tornados. So, thats why we run into one at the end...We would actually CREATE a REAL tornado indoors, just the way Twister does at Universal..There would be ONE unit that produces ONE twister. The twister you see at the VERY beggining of the ride (consult the script) is actually the same one that picks you up..the track goes ina big loop, but scenery will hide this from you, so you don't realize it..

What it will be like INSIDE the tornado..
Well, once the fake, plastic wall is ripped off, pipes will burst into flames along side the old walls, this light, combined with strobe lights that simulate lightining will give you JUST enough of a glimpse of the tornado to KNOW it's there..But you wll DEFNETLY feel it in the form of intense wind. The front of your car would Slowly lift up, like the tornado was dragging you towards it, and your car would slowly pull fowards and onto the lift..The lift would EVER so slowly, pull you up a good 10ft..It's dark, and you have nothing to really gauge your height by, and since it moves so slowly, you will barely be able to tell...After awhile, a period of about 15-20 seconds, the tornado will dissapate, and then, the drop comes. And your car goes on...The car itself never actually gets in the CENTER of the the tornado either..I'd imagine that would be a might bit dangerous. The Car would be right on he outskirts of it, just so they feel like they are too close for comfort..


Imagineer's Idea...(Very good, too :) )

Anyways, it is basically a tour of Storm Lab 1, a storm research facility. The que has many displays of real storms w/ real props from those storms. Every five minutes or so the que goes dark and a script plays for a few minutes giving details about the storm (listen carefully for you learn many key things in the que to enhance the experience). Well, as the que winds down it splits into two sections for crowd controll. You are lead through three preshow sections, each about 5mins long. The first a theater w/ sensory experieneces teaching about intense storms (tornadoes). The second an "outside" demonstration of the latest storm chasing vehicle, the SW-5 (an EMV TYPE vehicle). This demonstration is in a sound stage w/ enhanced special effects to give the illusion of a storm approaching. The third and final preshow is the entrance to the Tornado Testing facilty. You are "outside" (again a sound stage) under a glass roof. You get a big spiel as it begins to rain on the glass. A CM announces "When you get into this chamber and you see that forceful furry of wind charge at you with no mercy in its eyes....all you can do is HANG ON FOR YOUR LIFE!" Right then and there the lights go out and a large flash of light and a very loud clap of thunder echoes as the sound of breaking glass is heard. Lightinig flashes to reveal a storm approaching.

Guests are hearded into the near by warehouse where the SW-5 vehicles await their dispatch. To be exact Four vehicles have engines reaving waiting their adventure. Guest board their vehicles and race out of the warehouse. Each vehicle chooses a SEPERATE path (yes there are four seperate paths). Each path interacts w/ the other, eie: they cross paths and have near misses. During the journey you will encounter REAL tornadoes (like Twister: Ride it out) and will encounter many explosions, flying debris, a slight drizzle or drenching depending on the path choosen at random, and you will encounter the "Rolling House". The ride will have thousands of varieations and is VERY interacitive. Also, it is very educational and thrilling.

There is humor involved (mighty funny humor at that I think). Anyways I will post even greater detail if yall wish. I will try to post my layout of the multilevel building (the track actually doubles up on itself manytimes to simulate rolling hills). Tell me what you think so far........

The clouds are alive
By Andrew Leffel

While walking through the vast open gardens you come across "Storm Lab 1" a storm watch and testing facility. The building is a pearl white multilevel complex with dark glass windows all around the building. In the center of the building there is a 3 story tall observatory with many satellite dishes on the roof. The line for the tour of the complex begins its long walkway through the gardens. You pass through vast water gardens and flower gardens. Soon you come upon the main entrance to the building. Once inside you walk counter clockwise around a large statue of a tornado that is flowing out of the ceiling down to the base of the floor.

-Voice over intercom in the gardens: "Welcome to Storm Lab 1, you are about to enter the worlds most prestigious storm watching center in the world. During your visit you will see everything this center has to offer, from testing facilities to radar rooms and even an extensive exhibit on our storm chaser vehicles."

Every 10 minutes the lights dim and a mini "storm" echoes through the grand entrance. Lights flash upon the tornado and mist rises from the base. Fanfare type music plays in the background of the storm. A narrator explains the power of a storm through descriptive words of destructive power.

-Script to Storm: "Storms are the most powerful creation from the sky. They strike without warning. They produce destruction in vast quantities through violent winds created from devastating clouds of terror. These clouds fall from the sky, striking our land in unforeseen motions. In seconds they can destroy all that we have created and all that we have known to be our life. It is the sky that is alive and ready to strike, all we can do is get out of its way."

Upon exiting the grand entrance you find yourself walking down two vast hallways that slope up to the second level. They are full of pictures of storms, each with a little word of warning and safety tip. After the long hallways you enter a large room with a zigzagging line throughout the entire hall. The hall is a grand "terrace" with many exhibits to see intermixed with the line. All around the walls is debris left from "real" storms. Different narrators set the tone with descriptions of powerful storms. Images are shown on TVs strategically placed throughout the hall. Lights illuminate different props that coincide with the narration. There is up to an hour of narration provided before it repeats itself.

-Narration 1: "Tornadoes have been said to be extreme stormsthat only begins to describe the horror they create." Echoing screams "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!"Clap of thunder "ITS COMEING RIGHT FOR US" lights flash many times"I CANT ESCAPE!" a large clap of thunder and the lights flash "all you can do to survive this terror...ishang on for your life" the lights go completely out for 2 seconds then slowly come back onwhile the lights are out a large gust of wind flies through the vast hall.

-Narration 2: Fanfare music echoes in the hall as the lights dim. A narrator explains many powerful storms as lights illuminate different props on the walls "from that storm". The narration makes you believe you were there and it is happening all over again.

-Narration 3: The tornado siren sounds and echoes through the hall as the lights dim to show a large F5 tornado on the TV screens. "Every one take cover immediately!" TV newsperson "The best place to be is in the center of your house!" echoes of screams "We must get down to the storm cellar immediately!"A large clap of thunder"They strike without warning"lights flash"They destroy anything in its path."Wind blows through the hall"All you can do is hang onfor your life!" A large clap of thunder and the lights flash and go out for a second or two.

-Narration 4: "The storm is a living and breathing force from above. They are a mystery of unforeseen wonders. They illuminate the sky with brilliant lights. They produce enormous power in just minutes. Storms are alive and full of intense energy ready to be released. We can only hope that it wont be released at once"

-Narration 5: "They are known as the finger of Godan all inspired sight of pure terror."Pictures of tornadoes flash across the screens"they come from the sky without warning."Flash of light"They can pick up semi trucks and throw them across the sky"Clap of thunder"they can pick up the asphalt from the road and twist it into wondrous debris"pictures of destroyed towns flash across the screen"they can destroy an entire town in minutesthey come from the most intense stormsfrom the clouds above!"The lights shine up onto the ceiling where projected clouds begin to swirl into a massive storm. The lights go out and the sound of a tornado siren echoes in the hall. Wind effects blow through the hall. The lights instantly come back on as the hall goes calm again.

-Narration 6: "You cant predict themyou cant explain them!" Flash of light "They come after youand you alone""No one can hideno one can escape"Clap of thunder"They take on a life of their owna demon spirit that has fallen from the sky!"The lights flash and a large clap of thunder echoes in the room.

-Cast member (over intercom): "A warm and gracious welcome to you all from Storm Lab 1. In just a moment the red doors ahead will be opening toward you and everyone in front of the yellow line will be entering our tour facility. In order to be admitted past the red doors you must have clear of your possession any food, drinks, and cigarettes. Here at Storm Lab 1 there is NO flash photography or video taping of any kind allowed due to the top-secret lab work going on. One of many secret facilities you will encounter is our tornado testing facility; it is here where you will experience what it is like to be caught in the eye of a storm (in complete safety of course!). In order to experience the F5 test you must be free from heart, back, neck, or any condition that may be aggravated by sudden bursts of air, sudden flashes of light or intense movements. Due to the tours route we suggest that if you have any medical conditions that may be aggravated during the tornado test, we ask that you do NOT take part in any of the tour. We strongly warn parents with young ones to be aware that the images produced in some of the facilities WILL scare children and even some adults. We apologize for this but it is the only way we can accurately conduct tests on natures most destructive force. Thank you for visiting us here at Storm Lab 1 and we look forward to your return!"

-Red lights on the doors begin to flash as the last sentence is being said. The doors open immediately and 170ish guests enter one of 2 theaters (both theaters are the same in order to have higher crowd control). There are 6 rows of 30 seats in a circular auditorium. The seats are situated around a large vacuum tube with about 10 feet from the front row. There is a railing on the front row to prevent people from walking into the center. As the guests are rushed into the theater the lights dim slowly, it goes completely dark in about 5 minutes (this time can be altered by the control booth depending on the speed of the entering guests).

-Cast member 1: "Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats immediately! The presentation is about to begin! Once seated please remain seated at all times! Due to the low light levels during the presentation a lap bar will now be lowered to ensure your safety. Please do not force the bars down, as they will lock automatically. Thank you and enjoy your tour of Storm Lab 1, the most advanced storm testing facility in the world."

-As the lights dim there is a slowly accelerating arpeggio being played in the background getting louder and louder. When the lights go completely out the music climaxes as a flash of lightning strikes down the center of the vacuum and a loud clap of thunder echoes in the theater. Rain begins to fall on the outer edges of the theater and right in front of the front row. Mist begins to form in the vacuum and starts to swirl; more lightning to show the mist forming. A storm arises as the theater begins to rotate slowly, but wind effects make it seem faster. A tornado is seen in the vacuum through frequent flashes of lightning. The wind effects become harder and faster as the room begins to fill with fog. More and more lighting flashes as the rain slowly stops. All of a sudden lightning shoots down the center of the vacuum and the vacuum glass flies up(as though it were struck by lightning from outside) with the sound of breaking glass as a large clap of thunder echoes in the theater. All the mist rushes out into the audience with a large gust of wind and the theater rumbles as the lights come on and the room seems calm with fog standing around. (The entire experience lasts exactly 2 minutes and 21 seconds).

-Three cast member run down the stairs screaming (each cast member has a flash light and rain gear on):

-Cast Member 1: "Emergency stop! Emergency STOP! What happened? Is everyone ok?

-A spark shoots up out of the vacuum.

-Cast Member 2: "Is everyone safe? What happened to that vacuum?"

-Cast Member 3: "It wasnt supposed to be THAT real! Where did that lightning come from? Out side? Should we go on with the tour?"

-Another spark shoots up from the vacuum.

-Cast Member 1: "We must!"

-Cast Member 3: "But what about the storm approaching?"

-Cast Member 2: "We will continue on with the tour, besides the storm is miles away! We must continue or this lab is done for!"

-Cast Member 1: "We apologize for the danger you were just in. It will never happen again (spark), especially not in the F5 tornado testing facility.

-The Lights flicker, a spark falls from the ceiling

-Cast Member 3: "Anyway, will everyone please follow me through the red doors you entered through and we will immediately continue to the outside were we will explain the complex workings of our storm chasing vehicles, the SW-5.

-While the room was spinning slowly it stops the doors you entered in a different position than the way you entered.

-Cast Member 1: "I must warn you that it may be a little windy as a small cell is approaching the facility. Not to worry though it isnt dangerous lookingFollow me everyone, the tour must go on!"

-The lap bars lift slowly as everyone begins to exit the theater.

-Cast Member 4 (over loud speaker): "Can we get a clean up crew in here? Oh and radar, keep an eye on those red cells approaching, its getting dark out thereOh and can I get some coffee up here? This is going to be a long night

-Everyone is rushed out of the room as the lights keep flickering. Cast member #1 leads the group. They are lead down a dimly lit hallway that rounds a corner and then goes dead straight for 50yards. On the walls are pictures of tornadoes, each different and more devastating than the last. As the last person is going out the lights completely go out in the theater and the last cast member, #3, (#2 is in the middle of the group) uses a flashlight to escort the last people down the dimly lit hallway. Just down the hallway are 5 glass doors. Each door leads to a different level on the half circle multileveled terrace outside. Through the doors you can see that it is VERY windy outside and lots of smoke is flying by.

-(Actually you are being escorted into a sound stage where giant fans are blasting air at intense speeds to simulate a storm arising).

-Sitting in the little courtyard is a vehicle that holds 12 people in 3 rows of 4. The vehicle is a "SW-5" equipped with radar and many radio signals. The guests stand on the half circle multi level platforms as the next presentation begins (in the intense winds).