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Changing Skies

In a corner of the Shifting Skies Facility, a small, penny stock corporation has based their operations.

"Thunder Thrills Inc. : Forerunners in Adrenaline Pumping Action! SkyDiving is for Wimps, Swimming with sharks is for LOSERS, you haven't lived till you've CHASED the storm!"

The line first takes you through a hall with different offices. The entire place seems a little...Disorganized.. Papers are strewn about on desks, phones ring off the hook, seems like they are trying to run their buisness a bit *TOO* Effeciently. The Next Queue room is the Company's break room, it winds through tables with half eaten sandwhiches, computer reports which read things like




with graphs and such underneath the read outs. Windows would cover the wall of the break room, and outside, simulated storm conditions will be seen outside.

Anways, you'd finally arrive to the "Ready Rooms" A big banner would hang over head,
"Grand Opening"
You'd head into the pre-show rooms, and on the screen would be two people typing on computers, while another two argue in the back...

1st Man: "I don't CARE if we can't track the storm, we NEED the business, this is the only storm we've had all SEASON, the creditors are breathing down my neck!"

Nerdy Man: But..sir! The cars have only be tested in a simulation..we don't know how the controls will respond in that type of interferance!

1st Man: Then we'll just collect on the insurance then, won't we?....pause.....Look, the guests will be in the room in 10seconds, I'm not giving them a bad report! Fix it. Or don't come back tommorow.

...nerdy man walks off...and a countdown begins in the left hand corner of the screen


1st man: Welcome! To your first, and OUR first Storm Chase!
Thunder Thrills Inc. is Proud to present our prototype ST-1, the most advanced vehicle on earth! Equiped with Radar, Sonar, Weather tracking devices, computer steering, and OnStar!

...nerdy man re-enters..

1st man: "Quiet, their listening." he says, nudging him..."With our new vehicle we are going to take you as CLOSE as ANY civilian has gotten to a real Hurricane...well, closer then anyone SAFETLY has gotten before....My associate will fill you in, and then you'll be off! For the ride of your life!

Nerdy man: "But sir! sir!!.." he wipes his forehead, looks back to the camera and fakes a smile.."Um..OK, lets see..the Hurricane is about here.." he says, pointing to some screens,"See, hurricanes are a group of strong storms circulating around a central point..We've been trying to track it, and we have it narrowed down to a few paths, so we should be able keep you away from the extremely strong parts, so you can view the beauty of the storm..But we're not quite..

1st man again: YOUR JOB!

Nerdy man: I mean, I have every confidence that we'll be able to steer you through...We have a few rules..No smoking or eating..not that it would be possible in these conditions..No flash photography either..We should be ready to go in a few minutes, beyond those doors is the loading area...Good luck.."

--the screen goes blank and the doors open--

Loading Area:

This is pretty standard, Equipment will surround the room, weather devices, etc. A door is at the end which swings open as you leave...The vehicle, an EMV. Though this is a newly started company, it does have state of the art equipment

Your cars go off in groups of two. A pair of cars will follow both a unique path, and a standard path, leaving the standard to go off on their own trip, before returning to the normal path.

As soon as the door opens, you are hit with the storm, Wind blows, rain mists, (We don't want them soaked..) and you are immedietly on a two-laned 'country road' trees line the road, which shake and blow..You head fowards a bit, and the car pauses. A fake building will LITERALLY roll past you before stopping, Here you will also catch glimpse of the tornado, billowing over some trees...

Nerdy Man: It seems like the hurricane has spawned tornados! I'm bringing you back .....

1st man: No! We'll just take them on a different route! 

The two cars would seperate here, dodging back and forth (the house would roll back and reset itself for the next guests) and into some dense trees, suddenly some start falling in your path, the car would quickly veer away from each tree. You'd head up a hill (ramp) and slow down, suddenly, the electric poles along side the street would lurch foward, and fall, you would zoom under them, sparks flying,until you reach the third one, which seems like it will fall right ontop of you, but it would stop right before hitting you. Each of the spererate paths would also have some unique elements..One path would have a car falling on it from a hill. Another would have a collapsing bridge.
After that set, they cars would converge back onto a similar path

Nerdy man: Uh, the map shows some sort of factory up ahead, we should be able to keep you there till the storm passes over...

You'd pull up, and see a maze work of pipes and cylinders, and a sign, that reads:

QuickLite Propane Storage Faciluty

Your cars would seperate again through the propane, wind blowing would cause pipes to strain against each other, and leaks would appear with loud hisses as you drive through them. Each of your cars would have a different path through the propane,
One would be shorter then the other..for a good reason..
Nerdy Man: Uh..We lost track of the other car..
1st Man:What? Thats crazy, your stupid computers just aren't working..

As you approach the actual 'Building' your car would pause, and you'd see an overturned 'dummy' car, making it look like your other tourists quite literally, bit the dust. This is the reason one path is longer, because each car would pass by the dummy car at different times, and each car would think the other is destroyed. But suddenly, lightining would strike a pipe, and cause a small explosion, your car would start to drive off fast, and behind you, a HUGE explosion would occur, extending to pipes that lead to the building, explosions going on around you, WEE! lots of fun! So then you go into the building, which creaks and strains under the wind, you'd keep driving until you reach a dead end in the building, just a solid wall..

Nerdy Man: Well, you should be safe here, after the storm blows over we'll send a retriva....(he stops as static takes over)

The walls would REALLY start shaking now, and you would hear the loud train-like billowing of a tornado (those who have been in one know what I mean), Suddenly, that wall infront of you would fly off, exposing the huge tornado infront of you! Using the same technology as Twister at universal. Your car tires would squell, trying to pull you back as your car lurches foward, the front of the car lifting up, and slowly inching towards the cyclone..It would move foward, being pulled by the sucking force, until, it is swept into the wind currents! You would enter a seperate 'Hall' like room for this scene, pitch blackness (with the occasional strobe light) High Winds, and even bits of debris (large, soft sponges) would be flying around to highten the feeling of you actually being in the storm..
You'd circle atound and up, and your car would begin to stop...
Nerdy Man: The Tornado! It's Dissapating!
The car would stop at the top of a 'Tower' where fog machines have really pumped out a lot  of fog, after the Nerdy Man gives his line, fans would blow away all the fog, and a scene of treetops would be presented, using forced perspective to make it look like your car is floating..Suddenly, it would just -Drop-, only 3 stories or so, and bounce on the ground..

Nerdy man: Geez! Thhe tornado dissapated JUST in time! a few more seconds and you would have reached the center, and well, I wouldn't be talking to you right now! Great jo..
(the microphone is pulled away)
First Man: Yes, yes, splendid job, Of course, be sure to tell ALL your friends about your ride here at Thunder Thrills, and be sure to come back again!
You'd unload, and, well. leave to the gift shop
The drop..The ending is basically this..

For those of you who DON'T know what a tornado is, it's a column of spinning wind...It's sorta like God sticks his vacuum hose the ground and sucks stuff up..They normally don't last long, up to like 10 minutes I think is a LONG one, And while the StormChaser's Tour is touring a HURRICANE, hurricane VERY often spawn tornados. So, thats why we run into one at the end...We would actually CREATE a REAL tornado indoors, just the way Twister does at Universal..There would be ONE unit that produces ONE twister. The twister you see at the VERY beggining of the ride (consult the script) is actually the same one that picks you up..the track goes ina big loop, but scenery will hide this from you, so you don't realize it..

What it will be like INSIDE the tornado..
Well, once the fake, plastic wall is ripped off, pipes will burst into flames along side the old walls, this light, combined with strobe lights that simulate lightining will give you JUST enough of a glimpse of the tornado to KNOW it's there..But you wll DEFNETLY feel it in the form of intense wind. The front of your car would Slowly lift up, like the tornado was dragging you towards it, and your car would slowly pull fowards and onto the lift..The lift would EVER so slowly, pull you up a good 10ft..It's dark, and you have nothing to really gauge your height by, and since it moves so slowly, you will barely be able to tell...After awhile, a period of about 15-20 seconds, the tornado will dissapate, and then, the drop comes. And your car goes on...The car itself never actually gets in the CENTER of the the tornado either..I'd imagine that would be a might bit dangerous. The Car would be right on the outskirts of it, just so they feel like they are too close for comfort..