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Labs 1st Floor


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Changing Skies


W.I.N.D. Mill Quizing Sations

The W.I.N.D. (Weather Intelligence Notching Device) system has been added. The way this will work is that in the Entrance Lobbies there will be machines that you hit a button then it prints out a ticket for you that has an account number and a password(ex. 1234, Pluto), then at each of the W.I.N.D. Mills located throughout the labs, you enter your number and password and you answer a series of questions whose answers can be found throughout weather works. There will be a time-limit on each question and you are allowed to continue until you miss a question or time runs out, you may only play one W.I.N.D. Mill in each Lab once(i.e. 1 game for each lab). There will be 5-10 questions per game and you get 10 pt for each one correct; at the end you enter your number and password into the prize machines which can be found in the floor 1 and 2 lobbies and you get different prizes for different point totals; nearly all of the prizes will be coupons for stores and restaurants around EPCOT, miss only 3-4 question total and you get a pin, get a perfect score and you get a Weather Works hat.

*E&S is the Elevator and stairs pod, the elevator is in a glass tube and the stairs are a circular stair case that spiral around the tube, the stairs are made to look like clouds.


Cloud Lab

Fog Kiosk:

This exhibit starts off with a short video on a screen about how fog forms, then the screen lowers to reveal a diarama of a street, diffrent objects light up at specfic modeled distances from the guestsThen fog begins to fill the diarama. The fog gets denser in stages the viablity will decreas in stages and the lighted objects will turn off to give the effect of decreasing visiblity.( so like the fog will be thin and visiblity will be like 70 yards and an object at the end of the box will fo out, then the fog will get denser to simulate visiblity of 50 yards, and then the next closest object will go out and so on till 0 visiblity)

Cloud Climber:

This will be essential an educational jungle gym. Basically just a mulit level play aea that each level is a level of the atmosphere that has clouds that would be found there moddled on that level, on each level will snsors that when past will light up screens with the name of the cloud type and a voice will give a breif descirption, then to get back down will be a spiral cloud themed slide.



Rain Lab

Monsoon Exhibit:

Large tank that simulates a monsoon, every 5-10 minutes. The tank it's self would basically be a large fish tank basically, and it would be filled with a false tropical environment. First a brief vocal over view would be given about monsoons, then the simulation would take place.

Flood Flats:

This would be an actual show that would take place every 20 mins
It would have seating facing a large diorama area, of a townside river, then rains, leading to the river flooding, would be given a step by step coverage of how flooding happens.

Thunder Storm Kiosks:

These would be very similar to the rain cycle kiosks in that they would display the process in which thunder storms happen in the same shadow box atmosphere. Here it would uses fiber optics to show the forming of a "storm" cloud and discuss how these are different from normal rain clouds. Then using fake rain, flashes of light and thunder sounds, along with the actual area the guests is standing on vibrating at the time of thunder, the storm cloud would eventually receded, and the show would start over.

Rain Cycle kiosk

Control panel with a start button, then a few feet back a very large shadow box with faux clouds and clear piping. The bottom of the box would be filled with water, a voice could come over explaining that when the sun heats the water in the seas and lakes, the water evaporates and travels up ward. Faux sun lights and the mist id given off by the sea, and the water level drops slightly and one of the piping begins to fill with fog and has traveling light following the path of the initial fog front. Explains condensation and fiber optics clouds begin to form, voice explains rain, and rain appears to fall out of the newly formed clouds and then the clouds dislove and the rain fall dwindles and stops proportionally to the amount of fiber optics in the cloud lit, the water level raises slightly, end of show.


Snow Lab:

Snow Fall Kiosks:

Kiosks set up similar to the rain and storm ones, but these deal with the creation of snowfall, initial using small fountains to shoot water droplets up and down, then slowly progressing to suing fans and small foam particles to represent the snow.

Hail Kiosks:

Initial voice overview on how hail forms via a small video screen on the control panel, next the shadow box ahead start to drop fake plastic hail onto a diorama, the diorama will react with simulated damage as the hail increases in size, the small video monitor will keep track of the increasing size of the hail and will shoe 3-d diagrams of the hail structure.

Blizzard Exhibit:

Small nearly circular exhibit that simulates a blizzard every 5- 10 mins. Features a field landscape then fill several feet with faux snow in a matter of mins.

Ice Kiosks:

Small kiosks that simulate water freezing into ice, through the use fiber optics what a tank of water will slowly freeze into ice and expand slightly, form the guests perception, the water which will actually be a gel inside the tanks though will have fiber optics in the glass between the guests and the water, these optics will slowly activate to show crystallization patterns, and then eventual all of the glass will be covered in light fiber optics that extend above the gel area, as ice get's less dense when it freezes.

Snow Flake Garden:

Play area made completely of giant snowflakes that descriptively show off their crystal patterns.