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Labs 2nd Floor


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Changing Skies



Temperature Lab

Temperatures around the world Kiosk:

This kiosk would have a giant "real-looking" globe. The intro would be that it explain the different scales that places use to scale temperature, then the globe would light up talking about the poles and the equator and how they are the temperature extremes of the earth, then a joystick would light up on the control panel, and the guest would be able to rotate the globe to lit areas, and then the kiosk would read the temperature and would blow air of that temperature onto the guest. After the guest had experience 4-5 different locations the kiosk would shut down, and reset.

Changing temperature Area:

These would be little different here would be several large play areas with large map of the united states where guests could push along tracks large "front symbols" along the track there would be sensors that would then control the temperature of the room depending on how the fronts were moved, meanwhile a large overhead voice would be explaining what effects the guests actions were having.

Altitude Temperature Kiosk:

Here the gusts would sit in a small cubical where they would closed into a fake helicopter cockpit, the screen in front of them would show them gradually increasing in altitude and up passed the base of the mountain and a little bit past the snowy peak, meanwhile it would explain the higher you go the temperature drops, and the temperature in the cockpit would accordingly proportionally drop ( a 30 degree real drop might be 3 degree drop in the cockpit's temp) Finally near the end the glass that has been between the guests and the screen which is really an LCD screen would crystallize, simulating your windshield has iced over at your extreme altitude, so you come back down, and it would go away. end of show

Thermometer Stations: These kiosks have a thermometer that raises and a voice explains how to read it, as the temperature climbs you get blasted with a proportional air temperature, the interactivity is the same on the way down except the temperature is given ins Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, so that guests may learn to gage the difference between the two scales.


Wind Lab:

Wind Kiosks:

This will be more similar to the fog ones, after a description of how wind is formed on a video screen, the screen will lower to display a diorama of a street filled with flags, leafed trees and other loose items that could easily be effected by wind. Wind will start blowing at a light wind and increases in intensity to taking off tree limbs. Through out a small screen above the window, will be displaying the wind speed.

Hurricane Exhibit:

Vary similar to the Monsoon exhibit except this will show the effects of a hurricane on a small town/ this exhibit will run though every 20-25 mins because of a longer reset time and a more complex show. The exhibit will start off dark and there will be a holographic show of how hurricanes are formed. Then the systems for the show will lower and the scenery will raise and a shallow pool will com across covering the projection area. Then the effects show will begin, and the damage of a hurricane will be simulated in the dockside town.

Tornadoes Kiosks:

These will show how tornadoes are made after a show on a screen, the screen will lower revealing blackness, in this blackness though will actually be your typical water vortex maker, here however as it begins to create the vortex, a laser will trace it's pattern for the viewer's too see.

Wind Tunnel: This exhibit is simply that a tunnel with fairly strong winds, but nothing dangerous.