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Project 2


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Changing Skies

Shifting Skies

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Storm Thought Pot


Shifting Skies, a new pavillion for EPCOT
Shifting Skies has been developing nicely. it has grown considerably, and lots of ideas have been thrown out.
What we have so far:
Definite attractions:
1 StormChasers-an EMV (dinosaur type-ride) that takes you face-to-face with some of the fiecest storms on the planet!
2  Weatherific-Join Proffesor Sirrus, and his cooky companion,  Ray as they experiment with their 'Cloud 9 Weather-O-Matic', prepare for some out-of-this-world sensory fun! Similar in design to Carousel of Progress, this ride will use AA in 4 different scenes, ending in an explosive weatherific finale!
3. Walkthrough-No information available, yet!
4 Also: Many Unique reseraunts and shops throughout the new EPCOT pavillion!